Maths: Korma

This is a mathematical library written in Kotlin, with no external dependencies. Mostly focused on geometry. It is not related to kotlin coroutines at all, but it is part of the soywiz’s korlibs libraries and thus the name.

This library includes:

  • Geometry 2d primitives (Matrix2d/AffineTransform, Point2d, Rectangle, Size, Anchor, ScaleMode)
  • Mutable and Immutable interpolation facilities and integration with primitives
  • Bezier curves quad and cubic calculations/bounds/length
  • VectorPath to define vector shapes with lines and bezier quad and cubic curves with fully-featured canvas-like API to creating complex shapes
  • BinPacker using max rects to allocate rectangles in bidimensional spaces (eg. Atlas Generation/Allocation)
  • Clipper (includes an embedded version of the awesome clipper library ported to Kotlin) to do boolean operation on polygons union, intersection, subtraction, xor, collision between two shapes) + growing/shrinking
  • poly2tri library to convert polygons to simple triangles
  • TA* + Funnel algorithms integrated with poly2tri to do pathfinding in a SpatialMesh that can be obtained from a Shape2d or VectorShape
  • Shape2d classes with a simplified interface completely integrated with clipper and poly2tri to perform boolean operations (union, intersection, subtraction, xor, collision between two shapes) + growing/shrinking + triangulation + pathfinding in arbitrary shapes + approximating VectorPath to Polygons/Shape2d
  • Simple A* implementation

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