KorGE game engine uses intelliJ IDEA Community or Ultimate as IDE and Gradle as building tool. Korge provides plugins for both in order to generate all the required preprocessed resources.

Setup intelliJ

You have to visit, and download an intelliJ IDEA IDE, either Community or Ultimate will work. Community is free, but Ultimate has tons of additional features, and allows you to use it as a really polyglot IDE.

After installing and launching, you have to go to Configure -> Plugins

Then click the Browse repositories... button.

Then search for Korge and click the Install green button. That will suggest you to restart the IDE. Do so.

After that, you should see the Korge menu when opening a project. Depending on the version you will see Korge it in the main menu or in the Tools -> Korge menu.

Korge will work on projects that include korge-core artifact.

Supported Artifacts

  • com.soywiz:korge:$korVersion
  • com.soywiz:korge-ext-swf:$korVersion
  • com.soywiz:korge-ext-particle:$korVersion
  • com.soywiz:korge-ext-spriter:$korVersion
  • com.soywiz:korge-ext-tiled:$korVersion
  • com.soywiz:korge-ext-lipsync:$korVersion

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