Korge’s views works like AS3’s DisplayObject or the HTML DOM. It is intended for 2D rendering, though you can create custom views with 3D content rendering with KorAG.

It is a tree structure where View has a parent, and Container has other View as children.

Then when KorAG performs the rendering, it starts drawing from the bottom to the top. Just like Painter’s Algorithm.


  • x, y
  • scaleX, scaleY
  • rotation
  • skewX, skewY
  • visible
  • alpha
  • blendingMode
  • speed – controls the view’s updating speed

Computed Properties

  • globalX, globalY
  • globalMatrix


Each view can has components attached.


Blending Modes

KorGE supports NORMAL, ADD, MULTIPLY and SUBTRACT blending modes.

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