KorGE has a Stage like AS3 and HTML DOM and a display tree with View nodes.

KorGE defines ResourcesRoot, that is a mountable virtual file system that works with Korio’s VfsFile. It allows to load all kind of resources asynchronously from different sources and mount points.

  • Using KorIO it can read ByteArray, Strings, XMLs, JSONs, YAMLs…
  • Using KorIM it can load images
  • And using KorAU can load sound files

It defines Scene that act as a controller and a way to split the application in smaller parts. It uses the AsyncInjector from Korio as an IoC mechanism to declare dependencies to Scenes.

Optionally (not imposed) it can use the Korio’s Bus for communicating different parts of the application.

You can do MVCS as Robot-legs. Or use your own way of programming. KorGE gives you some facilities for some different programming strategies but without imposing anything.

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